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Before they met, Conni worked as a graphic designer, interior decorator, textile goods designer, and pattern designer specializing in wedding couture. 

Bean was a self employed handyman and a home repair/ renovation/ landscape business owner with

hundreds of loyal customers.

Bean and Conni met when a friend referred  Bean to Conni when she needed a highly skilled and confident craftsman to build a deck that she designed for her home. It was their first project together, and neither one knew it

would not be their last! 

From taking a quick look at her computer drawing to completion three days later, every detail Conni imagined became reality in Bean's capable hands.


 Eight years later, they became friends and

reconnected on Facebook.

It quickly became clear that they could do far more together than either of them ever dreamed of doing on their own. They started working together in 2016, and were married in 2017.

Binstock Renovations brings an ideal combination of Bean's and Conni's skills, talents, and experience, and is the perfect creative team for all your home improvement projects.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Call 719-210-3343

for your free estimate.

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